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Husqvarna Ezi Lease

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Husqvarna Ezilease

What is Ezilease*?

Ezilease is an operating lease that allows you to pay for goods (over $300) in low monthly payments.  Payments can be spread over 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 year term with no deposit^.  The length of the term is up to you^^.

What can I Ezilease?

Ezilease can be used on all new Husqvarna Ride ons and Garden Equipment.  You also have the option to add accessories to the agreement**

What are the benifits of Ezilease?

Ezilease is perfect for many reasons.  Firstly there is no deposit so you can put your hard earned money somewhere more useful than on something which will loose value over time.  Secondly, you can choose from a range of terms (in years) plus you have the option to swap, upgrade or make an offer to purchase at the end of the term.  Best of all Ezilease Protect Platinum automatically covers your purchase for accidental damage or theft.

Low monthly payments

Ezilease monthly payments are amoungst the lowest on the market.  Ezilease also gives you the option of a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 year term; helping you to find a term that fits your budget.

What happens at the end of the Term?

With Ezilease you get to take control of your finances and choose the end of term option that you prefer.  Within the last 6 months of your agreement, you have the following end of term options:

~~~Swap It~~~

 If you would like to upgrade your goods, you can within the last six months of your Ezilease agreement. Simply return the goods (in a working condition) and take out a new agreement for the goods equal to or higher than the original agreement value.  We may waive up to six remaining payments under the old agreement without charge or penalty.  Simply contact Ezilease on 1300 394 532 in the last six months of your agreement and let them know you want to Swap it.

~~~Own the Equipment~~~

Ezilease gives you the option to own the goods after the agreed term.  Once you complete the full term all you have to do is to make us an offer*** and the goods are yours to own.

How do I Ezilease?

Call EZILEASE (1300 394 532) - we are open 7 days a week and our approval process is done over the phone in minutes.

*Ezilease is a lease facility provided by Flexirent Capital Pty Ltd ABN 93 064 046 046.  Flexirent Capital Pty Ltd holds Australian Credit Licence Number 394735

^Subject to credit assessment.

^^Purchases up to $1300 have a maximim term of 3 years, 1 year term is not available on terms over $3250.

**Goods must be added to the Ezilease agreement before documents are signed. Accessories (perishables) can only make up to a maximum of 30% of the purchase amount.

***Ezilease may or reject offers made.

Husqvana Ezi Lease

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